News: Insomniac gives us an Inside Look at Spider-Man, discusses setting, gameplay and more

Spiderman PS4

Insomniac’s Spider-Man looked fantastic at this year’s E3, with a chunk of gameplay showing what’s in store for gamers on the PS4 exclusive next year. Now, the developers have released a new video giving us an inside look at Marvel’s Spider-Man. With the game’s lead writer, creative director, and art director all taking the opportunity to share more about the setting, gameplay and the combat.

There’s a real desire from the developers to get the storyline right, with a focus on authenticity from the source material. In this case, the game will focus on the comic-books without following a specific storyline, so don’t expect it to take inspiration from the recent Spider-Man Homecoming movie.

In the video, art director Jacinda Chew and creative director Bryan Intihar talk about how this take on Spidey is going to tell a human story as much as a superhero one, and that the web slinger will be up against challenges that are ‘bigger than he has ever faced before.’ We also see some of the concept art, which show Peter Parker’s bedroom, the result of a what looks like an explosion somewhere in the city, and Spidey battling Mr. Negative and Kingpin, aka Wilson Fisk. 

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Source: Video Gamer