News: Everyone in Conan Exiles is about to insist it’s honestly just cold today with The Frozen North expansion

Conan Exiles - The Frozen North

Funcom has revealed a new trailer which announces Conan Exiles’ free expansion will be called The Frozen North. It’ll be released on August 16, which is the same day as the Xbox One version of the game. The Frozen North brings Conan Exiles out of the warmth of the desert into the snowy north, introducing an entirely new climate and weather system that will require players to dress properly — or face certain death, and frozen reproductive bits. Quite clearly they’ve not been to Newcastle on a wintery weekend.

The expansion brings with it a number of new gameplay mechanics and activities, such as fish traps, beekeeping, and cooking. There’s also a new crafting system, called brewing, which allows players to make alcohol to keep warm in the colder climates. Perhaps a warm spiced wine can bring warmth to your avatar’s (previously swinging with reckless abandon) nether-regions? 

Players can dedicate themselves to a new faith, giving them the ability to summon the deity, Ymir, the Lord of Storm and War, who can wreak havoc on enemies and crush cities under his feet. He sounds quite hard…

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Source: Video Gamer