News: Sunless Sea creator says his part of the Dragon Age project will have visible oddness

Dragon Age: Inquisition Screenshots

Alexis Kennedy, the founder of Failbetter games and creator of Fallen London and Sunless Sea (both of which are excellent games) has expanded on previous remarks about working on an as yet unannounced Dragon Age project. Speaking to PCGamer, Kennedy said that ‘a part of the game will immediately look familiar to anyone who’s played Fallen London and Sunless Sea. There will definitely be that oddness visible in there.’

Kennedy’s comments this refer back directly to ones he made to Eurogamer in May, after which everyone assumed he was referring to a Dragon Age 4 (something which Kennedy says ‘isn’t an insane deduction’, although he also points out he never actually said Dragon Age 4). 

Kennedy said, ‘I suspect that when the project that was described reaches the light of day—which another writer has taken over and will do a lot more work to make it their own—people will probably look and say: yes, that’s obviously the Kennedy bit.’

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Source: Video Gamer