News: Rainbow Six Siege has a huge patch for season 3, here’s why

Rainbow Six Siege - update

Ubisoft has provided an explanation for the reasoning behind the frankly huge 42GB patch that’ll soon be coming to Rainbow Six Siege for ultra HD PCs. While the update is large and may cause players to roll their eyes at the size, it’s all for a good reason. Ubisoft says its plan for the patch is to create the foundations for future game updates. According to a post on the game’s blog, ‘As a result of resetting the baseline, we must replace a significant number of the existing data forges. This is why the Y2S3.0 patch is as large as it is’.

Once this update has been installed it’ll ensure that future patches for the game will be smaller, and reduces the amount of ‘wasted space on disk’ that previous patches and modified files required until now. This will bring improvements to the quality of life experience for players of the game, resulting in faster loading times for PC and console players as the game receives future updates.

This step is being taken as a means of decreasing the size of the footprint of Siege on players computers, whilst also bringing increased textures and graphical improvements, with better compression technology for all players.

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Source: Video Gamer