Our Favourite Esports Clips From The Last Week

A massive week for esports fans as The International 7 kicks off in Seattle, with Group Stage dominating the week. Back home, the OPL is closing in on the playoffs and Counter-Strike featured some world class match-ups as teams looked ahead to competitions in China later this year.

We’re still updating our calendar and if your Aussie event isn’t on it we want to know! We’re all about the Dota 2 this week, although we’re struggling with those 3am starts — the calendar has all the details on how to watch the biggest tournament in esports history! Remember you can email tips to me esportsau@ign.com or you can just click to send me an email. If you want, you can tweet suggestions at me as well, my twitter is down the bottom of this article. Make sure you check out the rest of the esports hub, as well!

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Source: IGN