News: Atari and Jeff Minter are friends again for the Tempest revival

Tempest 2000

Atari has announced Tempest 4000 (, a sequel to the arcade classic Tempest, and it’s coming out in 2017 for consoles and PC. The best bit is that Tempest 2000 creator, Jeff Minter, is back on board. So obviously they’ve hugged it out and moved on.

Tempest 4000 is being developed with the aim of reviving the gameplay of the earlier title and with Minter on board it should ensure that the game retains the authenticity it’s known for.

The involvement of Minter is great news, considering that previously he was ‘beyond disgusted’ with Atari after it hit his studio Llamasoft with a lawsuit over the PS Vita title, TxK, which Minter had previously described as being ‘distantly related to Tempest 2000’. This resulted in TxK being withdrawn from sale, and planned releases on multiple formats were cancelled.

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Source: Video Gamer