News: Overwatch Summer Games introduces new Lúcioball ranked mode and ridiculous beachwear skins

Overwatch Widowmaker Summer

Overwatch’s seasonal event the Summer Games is open from now until August 28. Just like last year’s Summer Games, this event features new  beach wear hero skins and items that’ll only be available for a short time. Blizzard unveiled the new cosmetics on the Overwatch site alongside a new trailer.

This time around the Overwatch futuristic 3v3 take on football with special abilities, Lúcioball,  introduces a new arena at Sydney Harbour, along with its own ranked mode. The new Copa Lúcioball ‘offers a more competitive experience with placement matches, skill ratings tiers, leaderboards, competitive points, and more’, with players earning a spray for playing ten matches, and those who place in the top 500 rewarded with an even rarer spray.

That’s not all you can get back to dressing up the Overwatch heroes, with Widowmaker slipping into something a little more comfortable, Soldier 76 embracing the heat and taking over cooking duties in true Dad 76 style, Sombra going snorkeling and McCree donning his lifeguard gear (his lanyard says ‘HIGH TIDE’). There are over 50 seasonal items to unlock up until August 28.

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Source: Video Gamer